EMF Information and Electrical Supplies

The most effective step to reduce EMFs in the home is to reduce the use of electricity-using appliances.

Short of that, when installing the electrical wiring, one can twist the Romex cable (as seen in picture), which will reduce radiation by about 90%. My only concern with this technique is the potential build-up of heat within the cables. I use this strategy on my own home but you should consult with an experienced electrician before doing so yourself.

In the summer months, I have an outdoor kitchen set-up and I cook with either propane or wood-fire. This keeps both gas fumes and electricity out of my home.

Other strategies to reduce EMFs include:
  • Locate breaker panels away from occupied areas
  • Route cables through attic and down walls, not horizontally through walls
  • Use no dimmer switches
  • Enclose wiring in galvanized steel tubing
Here are a few websites with more detailed information on lowering household EMFs: